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Effective Oct. 1 2019
As the Oklahoma Legislative Session came to a close in May of 2019, SB280 was passed with new elected metrics for the Focus on Excellence Program. Pending The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approval, the program will transition to N015.01, High Risk Pressure Ulcer for long stay resident, N031.02 Anti-Psychotic Medication for long stay resident, N024.01 Urinary Tract Infection for long stay resident and N029.01 Excess Weight Loss for long stay resident.
Please check back periodically for program updates, implementation dates, and metric requirements.

Focus on Excellence-

Nursing Home Star Ratings: The nursing home ratings system known as Oklahoma's Focus on Excellence uses multiple metrics to score each nursing home on a level of one (lowest) through five (highest). The nursing home ratings are based on 9 separate "Metric Rating Factors." A complete description and explanation of the Rating Factors is available on the Program Metrics page. Stars on the site are achieved by facilities participating and completing 9 quality measures, each with their own set target. Star ratings can be viewed as an overall rating or a specific metric rating. The Stars are the consumers' tool to identify which areas may be important and significant to the family, consumer and/or loved one. Each quality measure will have a star rating from one to five.

Our History: Focus on Excellence, is the OHCA program designed to measure and ensure the integrity, quality and overall wellness of consumers and LTC facilities. The Focus on Excellence program began July 1, 2007. All Oklahoma Long Term Care Facilities are eligible to participate in the program. Facilities have the availability to participate in 1-9 metrics.

Our Mission: To allow nursing facilities that are established and rooted in Oklahoma the opportunity to achieve above and beyond the standard level of care required by regulations. This program is goal oriented to enrich nursing facilities' overall quality of care and life.

Our Vision: All Oklahoma Long Term Care facilities will earn incentive awards and Oklahoma will have the top-rated care in nursing facilities across the nation. This will enhance not only the nursing facilities and their employees, but the lives of Oklahomans and their families.

Search Feature: There are several different options you have to begin your search. You can use the "Quick Search" if you want a list of all nursing homes or you know the name of a nursing home and want to see their ratings. You can use options one and two in order to do a search by city and zip code or specific searches based on Rating Factor criteria.


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A. Select one or more rating factors that are important to you by performing the following steps:

  1. Using your mouse, left-click and continue to press the mouse button on an item in the "Metrics" list
  2. While continuing to hold down the left mouse button, "drag" the item to the "Selected Metrics" box
  3. With your mouse over the "Selected Metrics" box, release the left mouse button

B. Reorder items in your "Selected Metrics" list by performing the following steps:

  1. Using your mouse, left-click and continue to press the mouse button on the item that you wish to move
  2. While continuing to hold down the left mouse button, "drag" the item up or down in the list
  3. As you drag the item up or down in the list, you will see a line indicating the new location in the list.
    When the item is at the desired location, release the left mouse button

C. Search for facilities based on your criteria by clicking on the "Search" button

D. To reset your search criteria, click on the "Reset" button

A complete explanation of the Rating Factors are displayed on the Program Metrics page.


Drag and drop metrics from this list to the box on the right to include them in your search.
Person Centered Care
Leadership Commitment
Distance Learning Program
Peer Mentoring Program
Resident/Family Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
CNA Retention
Licensed Nurse Retention
Direct Care Staffing
Overall Star Rating

Selected Metrics

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No metrics currently selected.

The Focus on Excellence Ratings System does not replace the individual's duty (and/or the family's duty) to physically inspect the prospect facility, make direct contact with caregivers in the prospect facility, and use individual judgment in deciding nursing home placement.

The Focus on Excellence Rating System is a program for facilities that have a Medicaid contract. Thus, the Ratings System does neither rate facilities that do not volunteer data or facilities that do not have Medicaid contracts. While these two types of facilities are small in number, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority makes no representations about the care in these facilities.

Finally, individuals and family members should note that care conditions in facilities can change rapidly. While the Oklahoma Health Care Authority has designed its ratings system in part to take into account these potential rapid changes (its system rates homes four times a year), individuals and families should take note of this issue.

last updated: 10/14/2019